We protect tens of thousands of people from sudden cardiac death every day. Help us reach even more.

350,000 American lives are lost every year to sudden cardiac death (SCD). Many of us have known someone that has died suddenly. ZOLL is working to prevent unnecessary deaths due to SCD, and you can have a direct impact on helping us achieve this goal.

At ZOLL, your work will help to ensure that cardiac patients get the therapies they need, including the LifeVest wearable defibrillator. The LifeVest is prescribed to patients at risk of sudden cardiac death. Our patients and their loved ones are often facing a challenging health situation, but they can do so with a sense of security knowing that the LifeVest provides a constant safeguard from SCD. To date, the LifeVest has been worn by hundreds of thousands of patients globally and has saved thousands of patients’ lives.

We’ve been Pittsburgh’s Manufacturer of the Year, one of Western PA’s Healthiest Employers, and even one of Pittsburgh’s Coolest Offices. But it’s our unique opportunity to impact people’s lives that makes ZOLL the ideal place to build your career.

"The LifeVest Saved My Life"

Paula Miller,
ZOLL LifeVest Patient

"A Second Chance"

David Smith,
ZOLL LifeVest Patient