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Patient Stories

Video Testimonials

Lisa Sutherland's Story
Paula Miller's story
Wayne & Mary Huff's story
Brian Sweeney's story
David Opferman's story
Bill Gerow's story
Blue Gel story
Ewlyn Bush's story

Written Testimonials

“Sudden cardiac arrest is exactly what it is – sudden.”
“The LifeVest gave me hope”
“I felt like it was my security blanket.”
“The LifeVest was a sense of security.”
"The LifeVest was a real sense of security"
"Do it for your family. Do it for the people who love you."
"Family was always special to us, but its extra special now."
“I was relieved, because I felt like I had some protection.”
“My family gave me the motivation to keep wearing it”
"If you’re at risk for sudden death, wear the LifeVest."
“It made me feel comfortable knowing that I was protected.”