ZOLL Products

ZOLL Medical Corporation is the leading maker of medical devices and software solutions that help advance emergency care. Our number one priority is to improve patient outcomes and help save lives, by empowering clinicians and rescuers worldwide with revolutionary resuscitation and acute critical care technology.

Cardiac Diagnostics

ZOLL offers monitoring solutions to aid in the diagnosis and management of cardiac patients. The ZOLL Cardiac Monitor continuously monitors a patient’s heart rhythm, automatically detecting and recording clinical arrhythmias as well as patient-initiated recordings. The ZOLL Heart Failure Management System* (ZOLL HFMS) is designed to help clinicians improve outcomes and reduce hospitalizations for heart failure patients with fluid management problems. Click here to learn more about ZOLL Cardiac Diagnostics. 

ZOLL Cardiac Monitor
ZOLL Cardiac Monitor

Heart Failure and Arrhythmia Management System
ZOLL Heart Failure Management System

Other ZOLL Products

From early intervention to post-resuscitation care, ZOLL products set the benchmark for reliability and dependability for EMS, hospital, military, public safety, and alternative care rescue teams. Click here to learn more about other ZOLL products. 


*FDA registered name: μCor™ Heart Failure and Arrhythmia Management System; FDA 510(k) #K172510