For patients at risk of sudden cardiac death, when you and your team can’t be there, LifeVest can. For patients at risk of sudden cardiac death, when you and your team can’t be there, LifeVest can.

Proven Outcomes

Over more than two decades, LifeVest has provided protection to hundreds of thousands of patients and saved thousands of lives.1 The safe and effective use of LifeVest has been demonstrated in extensive clinical research.

Data Insight

LifeVest provides actionable insight about your patient during cardiac recovery to help you achieve a range of treatment goals including:

  • Optimization of medical therapy
  • Assess progress during recovery
  • More productive telehealth and follow-up
  • Timely clinical interventions, from ablation to ICD selection
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ZOLL Patient Management Network provides data upon download from a patient’s LifeVest.

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Ordering & Insurance

Access the medical order form and review patient types that are commonly covered by commercial, state, and federal plans.

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View or download educational resources for paramedics, fire fighters, police officers, and other first responders.

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Extensive clinical evidence demonstrates the safe and effective use of LifeVest.

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*LifeVest is designed to monitor heart rhythms continuously, detect certain life-threatening arrhythmias, and provide treatment if needed, all of which are localized to the device itself. While LifeVest is designed to transmit patient data when downloaded, no person is reviewing the data in real time.