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Jaime Alvarez' Story

“The peace of mind my LifeVest gave my family was priceless."

ZOLL LifeVest Patient Jamie AlvarezWhen 67-year-old Jaime Alvarez was admitted to the hospital after he suffered a serious cardiac event, his wife Eunice never left his bedside. The emotional strain was immense on the entire Alvarez family. His heart’s pumping function was impaired, and due to his condition, Jaime’s doctor was concerned he could die suddenly from a rapid life-threatening heart rhythm. Before leaving the hospital, his doctor recommended he wear the LifeVest® wearable cardioverter defibrillator (WCD) for protection from sudden cardiac death (SCD).

LifeVest is designed to detect certain rapid life-threatening heart rhythms and automatically deliver a treatment shock to save your life. Jaime returned home wearing his LifeVest all day and night, only removing it for a short shower. It was important to Jaime to be able to be there with his family. Jaime and Eunice have four daughters, one of which is a neighbor. They have coffee together every morning. Jaime was able to return to this tradition and the rest of his normal routine, with the comfort of knowing he had protection with LifeVest.

“The peace of mind my LifeVest gave my family was priceless. This life-saving device protects patients at risk of SCD and provides peace of mind to their loved ones,” commented Jaime. “We came to refer to the LifeVest as our ‘Guardian Angel.’”

Jaime settled back into his daily routine, faithfully wearing his LifeVest wearable defibrillator. One afternoon, Jaime was working at his computer and, without warning, suffered sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Before he had any chance to call for help, Jaime lost consciousness and collapsed to the floor. He experienced a rapid life-threatening heart rhythm; his heart beat so fast that it was quivering instead of effectively pumping blood to his body and brain. SCA is fatal if not treated within minutes, but Jaime survived. LifeVest detected the dangerously fast heartbeat, and within one minute, delivered a treatment shock that restored a normal rhythm and saved his life.

The family of ZOLL LifeVest patient Jamie AlvarezJaime regained consciousness immediately after the treatment, feeling alert and awake. Eunice had already called 9-1-1, and Jaime greeted the paramedics when they arrived at his house. After consulting with his doctors, Jaime went on to receive an ICD for long-term protection from sudden cardiac death.

“My LifeVest made all the difference in the world and truly gave me a second chance at life,” commented Jaime. “My second chance at life has allowed Eunice and me to plan our 50th wedding anniversary. It has allowed me to continue to live with my wife, four daughters, thirteen grandchildren and two great grandchildren.” 

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