Patient Stories

Alan Williams

58 years old

“Because I had a LifeVest, I knew that if something happened, it would take care of me.”

Bobbi Leverette

34 years old

“Definitely wear it, every moment of every day, because you just don’t know that sudden cardiac arrest is going to happen.”

Paula Miller

62 years old

“I had a sudden cardiac arrest, and LifeVest saved my life.”

Jaime Alvarez

67 years old

“The peace of mind my LifeVest gave my family was priceless.”

Jaime's Story

Wayne and Mary Huff

65 years old

“When Wayne was discharged from the hospital with LifeVest, it made me feel more secure.”

Antoinette Ash

42 years old

“Sudden cardiac death is exactly what it is – sudden. There’s no warning. It can happen anytime.”

Antoinette's Story

Lisa Sutherland

49 years old

“LifeVest provided the treatment I needed to save my life.”

Laura Wages

47 years old

“LifeVest gave me my life back, and I’m going to keep fighting for it.”

Laura's Story

Mike Williams

61 years old

“LifeVest didn’t just save my life. It saved my relationship with the kids and the grandkids and gave me the chance to do things with them for the rest of my life.”

Mike's Story

Brian Sweeney

60 years old

“It gave me peace of mind, confidence, and security. It gave me freedom.”

Andy Graber

50 years old

“I was looking for any tool to help me through this difficult time. For me, LifeVest not only saved my life but also provided a sense of security.”

Andy's Story

Darren Califano

47 years old

“When I went home, I felt safe. It was a sense of security.”

Darren's Story

Frances McCaffrey and Lee Reeves

58 years old

“Lee recounts her sister’s life-saving treatment from the LifeVest WCD.”

Lee and Frances' Story

Helene Rish

38 years old

“Wear it for your family. Wear it for the people who love you.”

Helene's Story

Paul Specht

56 years old

“It made me feel comfortable knowing that I was protected.”

Paul's Story

Mark Humble

53 years old

“You either get busy living or get busy dying. I had motivation to get back to my life, because I still had a life to live.”

Mark's Story

Leo Matheny

69 years old

“It keeps you in the ballgame. It made me feel assured. This was something that would help me continue to live in case I had a sudden cardiac arrest.”

Leo's Story

Patti Farrell

61 years old

“I had no time to react.”

Patti's Story

Barbara Campbell

67 years old

“Family was always special to us, but it's extra special now.”

Barbara's Story