LifeVest Network

Patient Data Management System

The LifeVest® wearable cardioverter defibrillator (WCD) can provide protection from sudden cardiac death (SCD) with a connection to your patient’s changing cardiac condition through the LifeVest Network.

LifeVest Network is ZOLL’s online patient management system that allows clinicians to monitor patient data downloaded from a patient’s LifeVest wearable defibrillator.  LifeVest Network enables you to have access to the most current information about your patient during their recovery after a cardiac event.


LifeVest Network allows you to monitor patients efficiently by fitting seamlessly into your practice. It allows you to customize the way you view and are notified of patient events recorded by the patient's LifeVest device.

Flexible and Fast

LifeVest Network allows you to easily and quickly obtain LifeVest patient data. Prescribers of the LifeVest WCD also have the option of assigning access to other clinicians in their practice to take a more active role in reviewing LifeVest patient data.

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Patient Management Features

Effectively Triage LifeVest Patients

LifeVest Network allows you to customize the way you view and are notified of patient events recorded by the patient’s LifeVest device.

Tailor Alerts & Set Notifications

The LifeVest Network gives you additional options to determine what types of LifeVest patient information necessitate an alert. You can choose to be notified for events such as:

  • Treatments
  • Patient Recorded ECG
  • Detected arrhythmia where no treatment was given (e.g., short run of VT)

Physicians and clinicians can also decide how they, or their delegate, wish to receive notifications whether by phone, fax, SMS, and/or email, as well as the times of day they would like to receive these notifications (e.g. different settings for office hours and after-hours).

ECG Review

ECG recordings automatically recorded by LifeVest or manually captured by the patient provide additional information that can be used to decide future care paths.

ECG information captured by the LifeVest can help you diagnose:

  • Sustained VT/VF
  • Non-sustained VT
  • Atrial arrhythmias/SVT*
  • Severe bradycardia/Asystole


LifeVest Network Trends provides you with continuous insight into your patients’ health status and response to therapy during the early period after a cardiac event, offering information that you can use to optimize their care.

Information about your patient is trended over time, indicating when a change in their status may require your action.


You can efficiently order LifeVest or renew an existing medical order through LifeVest Network’s e-Ordering interface. Once submitted, the LifeVest medical order is transmitted directly to ZOLL for processing.

The e-Ordering functionality allows for coordination of efforts of the clinical staff (e.g., upon direction from a prescriber, a staff member may enter the information into the online medical order form, attach proper documentation, and forward to the prescriber for review and electronic signature).

*When the rhythm meets heart rate and morphology criteria, or through a patient initiated recording.

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